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Auto Enrolment


Using Quickpaye Agency, you will have no worries about your Auto Enrolment compliance we can manage it all as part of your Payroll

We can set you up with a Pension Provider online, for a fee of £200 +vat. 

Staging Dates for Auto Enrolment are now immediate for all Employers in the UK.  Auto Enrolment means that every Employer has to comply by having a Pension Scheme if they have Employees in their business. As you may be aware, the government has introduced Auto Enrolment for all UK Employers, regardless of size, is based on eligibility of each employee.

The staging dates for Auto Enrolment Compliance were initially staged over a three year period, but now all companies must comply as soon as they engage an employee, with no waiting period.

They must declare their Compliance by completing a Declaration within the first 5 months of trading.

Here at Quickpaye, as part of our dedicated service to you, we have this all in hand, and have researched the market to assess the best options available for you, in order to help you comply with the legislation.

Therefore, by using Quickpaye Agency, you will have no worries about being compliant since we can manage it all for you very easily.

We can set you up with a Pension Provider online, and administer the Pension Scheme monthly for you, running assessment, reports, uploading files to your provider, and then sending the relevant Pension Compliance Letters to your employees, all for a small monthly fee of £20 +vat to include the first 5 payslips, with £2 per payslip for more than over 5 employees.

This will remove any risk of you being fined, which is of UTMOST IMPORTANCE.

What does Auto Enrolment mean for me as an Employer and my Company?

This means that you will have to find a Qualifying Pension Scheme for your company, and then set this up to run in conjunction with Payroll.  There is a lot of legislation to comply with.  The appropriate letters must be sent out at the correct times to all my employees, plus various reports will have to be uploaded to the Pension Company each period.  If this work is not carried out regularly and correctly, then I will risk being fined by the Pensions Regulator.

How can Quickpaye help me as an Employer with Auto Enrolment and Pensions?

Quickpaye has researched the market and are working with a Pension Provider online, plus we have a Pensions Module within our software which allows us to generate all the compliant legislative documents that are required.

Therefore all the legislative work is taken care of which removes the risk of fines for non-compliance and will take the headache away from you!

You will be able to rest assured that everything you need is being taken care of, and you can banish all those worries away!

Please call Quickpaye Agency on 01923 650208 to arrange a no obligation meeting.

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