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Frequently Asked Questions


Quickpaye Agency provides businesses with range of cost effective outsourced Business Services designed to streamline business administration and save money.

Who is a typical client?

Our clients are from many diverse industries and can be anywhere in the country.

Examples are Media companies, Doctors, Dentists, Estate Agents, Commercial cleaning company, scaffolding company, Landscape gardeners, the list is endless!

They vary from small to large in size and no company is too small. We aim to provide an efficient and cost effective service to all our clients which enables them to concentrate on increasing their business. We are able to work within any type of industry and can provide our clients with a one stop shop for all their accounting and payroll needs.

If you currently manage your own bookwork – either on spreadsheets, a box full of receipts, or using your own accounts package, then we can make life easier for you by taking the headache away.

Why do I need Quickpaye Agency services when I already have an accountant?

We are not aiming to replace your accountant. We leave the taxation and financial advice to them, while we carry out the bookkeeping functions using our off-site service to deal with all your paperwork, delivering back to you accurate and detailed reports ready for use by yourself and your accountant, which can save you money on fees.

How does your service work?

We can receive your documents by post, fax, scan or email, and within a short space of time, we will provide you with the required reports on a regular basis.

How much does it cost?

Payroll fees can be quoted immediately upon request depending on how many employees within your company.

For our book keeping service, we will need to know details of how many transactions and types required per month/quarter, then we will be able to give you a realistic quote.

We aim to give you a cost-effective service under one roof, which will be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Can you prepare Management Reports for me?

Certainly. These can be very important and useful in the running of your business and for future planning. This can also save you accountancy fees at your year end.

Can you prepare VAT Returns?

Yes, these can be done quarterly together with the book keeping. We will send you the completed return together with all supporting report.

I have concerns about outsourcing important services?

Although this sometimes seems initially a daunting prospect, our clients are eventually so glad when they reap the benefits of having all their book keeping and payroll managed off-site, which then saves them money and gives them more time to concentrate on running and expanding their businesses.

We can also supply you with references on request to reassure you as to how we have helped our clients