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During the Coronavirus epidemic of 2020 the Quickpaye team have been working hard all through Lockdown, getting all payrolls sent out on time, as well as helping our clients claim from HMRC for their Furloughed workers.

Initially we were totally overwhelmed with work, since the Furlough scheme was as new to us as to the rest of the country, after all, before the virus, who in the UK had ever heard of being Furloughed?

Nonetheless, we carried on wading through, the claims were not as easy as one would have hoped, since we also had to be fully authorised by our clients, and of course, not all of them had given us this, but under these new circumstances, they needed this to happen asap! Which was not always easy!

But in true Quickpaye spirit, we soldiered on and thankfully, we are nearly there, having claimed for 100% of our clients who asked for our help.

If you have had a problem with your payroll, or with making a claim for your Furloughed employees, please give us a call, we are here to help you! Having now had the opportunity to work with HMRC on numerous claims we are very well placed to help all businesses.

To make it easier to understand the new rulings, please note the following:

The scheme will close to anyone who hasn’t been furloughed for 3 weeks by 30 June.

 Rules will be changing from 1st July

  1. You will have more flexibility and be able to start bringing back employees to work part time and hours to suit your business
  2. From 1st August, you will need to contribute towards the wages costs of your Furloughed employees, until the scheme ends on 31 October.
  3. AUGUST – employers will then have to pay the ER NICS contributions and the pension contributions
  4. SEPTEMBER – employers will have to pay 10% of the furloughed wages bill plus the ER NICS contributions and the pension contributions
  5. OCTOBER – employers will have to pay 20% of the furloughed wages bill plus the ER NICS contributions and the pension contributions

Fortunately for SMALL EMPLOYERS, all or some of their Employer NIC bills will be covered by the Employment Allowance so that will significantly help and they will not be so impacted by the new rulings.

Please get in touch if you require any assistance or guidance.