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Accounts or Bookkeeping? Is the Clock ticking for your Submission? Let us help!

Accounts or Bookkeeping? Is the Clock ticking for your Submission? Let us help!

Which word describes Quickpaye Agency best?
There are some people who like to refer to us as an Accounting agency or even as an Accountancy firm. The truth is that we are a Bookkeeping and Payroll agency. Yet we do a lot of work together with Accounting firms both locally and nationally too. But we are not just a Bookkeeping and Payroll Agency, we do so much more!

How we have helped our clients:

Here at Quickpaye we have helped many people in the past few months to take all the worry and headache out of their Accounts and bookkeeping. Potential clients have come to us in a mess hoping that we can sort them out and so we certainly have! We now have some very happy clients who are delighted that they can now just hand over their Accounting paperwork to us so that we can transform it all into a set of books, which will in turn be converted into a clean and tidy set of Accounts!

If you are currently struggling with your bookwork, or haven’t got a clue about MTD (Making Tax Digital) then please do not hesitate to give us a call.
Because we are the experts and can easily remove this problem from you! You will heave a sigh of relief and wonder why you haven’t done this before!
Call us today on 020 8959 0099, we are waiting to help you!



Small business owners/Directors, working by themselves or just employing one other person can find Payroll and accountancy costs, eye wateringly expensive – so Michelle at Quickpaye has created a Payroll plan for such a business.

The plan includes:

  • Payroll with NO MONTHLY CHANGES and NO pension for one or two people will be charged annually @ £300 for up to two people (If any pension there will be a small additional charge)

  • Straightforward personal tax returns @  £140

  • Small business bookkeeping packages start from £100 per month depending on volume. If extremely small business then quarterly bookkeeping can be an option. (with all bookkeeping Quickpaye need to assess first before pricing accurately)

If you would like to find out your annual costs please email Michelle Bourne